The Next-Generation of Cloud Based EMR!

  •  Patient Records
  •  Practice Managment
  •  Schedualing
  •  Home Excercise Prog.
  •  Designed for PT.

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 SoftClinic has been instrumental in helping me manage and grow my clinic!  

John Aron

Why Softclinic?

What’s our secret for success? We recognize the realities of maintaining a successful clinic and have pioneered a technology system that will allow you to leverage your business in a way you never thought possible. SoftClinic’s cutting-edge solution is a way for your company to provide superior services, all while cutting costs and improving your clinic’s efficiency.
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Business Intelligence

With SoftClinic’s Business Intelligence reports, determining how to poise your business for scalable growth has never been so easy! SoftClinic offers:

  •  Income Reports Segmented by Day/Month/Quarter/Year
  •  Income Per Employee
  •  Grow Rate by Month
  •  Refferal

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  •  Cutting-Edge Technology
  •  Interactive Video Tutorials
  •  New Features Added Monthly
  •  Compatible With All Devices


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At SoftClinic – we like to keep it simple. That’s why our monthly price is only $59. Pretty easy, right? We think so.

Our motto is No Surprises, which is why we promise to never include any added fees or hidden costs. Unlike other companies, we don’t charge extra for modules or updates to devices – that’s all included in your monthly payment.

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So, who’s actually using SoftClinic?

  •  Physical therapist
  •  Acupuncture
  •  Pilates

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